Why Little Leap?

It’s designed for your child

Little Leap was born with a vision to help students learn soft skills effectively and overcome the difficulties they face due to academic and traditional blackboard learning.

Teaching Soft Skills Effectively

after school programs

Group based interactive and engaging environment to create a positive learning space

holistic development of a child

Building comfort for children to explore, open up and participate enthusiastically

english classes for kids

Applying soft skills in everyday context, focus on daily learning and continuous improvement

At Little Leap,
children learn through:


cute and fun animations with positive messages to reinforce good habits


playful and engaging activities to enable skill development


interactive worksheets and app based activities to internalize the learnings


students work together enabling each other’s learning

Why Soft Skills are important?

The future global world and
workplaces will rely on Soft Skills

Leading economists predict that two-thirds of all jobs will rely on soft skills by 2030.

According to Career Builder, 77% of employers say that soft skills are as important as STEM skills in students’ development.

HBR studies have shown that high EQ boosts career success, entrepreneurial potential, leadership talent, health and happiness.

Those who are successful in today’s world are not only masters in their chosen fields, but also have the skills to communicate their knowledge, translate it into action and lead from the front.