We ask our children to be confident, but have we taught this to them?


We ask our children to be confident, to stop crying or shouting? But have we taught this to them?

Ever given a chance to your child to talk in front of a small gathering or in a group of friends, does it scare the child or does he get stuck in framing the right sentences, or does the child try to run away from similar situations?

Parents wonder what to do if a child is showing tantrums, or just crying instead of asking his needs or sharing his feelings, but the question is does the child have this skill of understanding their emotions, sharing their feelings and managing their behaviors?

Children are not being taught these important soft skills in schools and at home, we are directly expecting them to behave nicely, we want everyone to like our child. We want them to just stay quiet no matter how hard they are crying or shouting. Where is the gap?

Unlike hard skills like Math, Geography, science soft skills revolve around communication, relating with others, self-discipline, problem-solving, etc.

Sure we learn to find the value of x in algebra but there are so many other real-life problem-solving skills that we don't learn in schools or even not at home! like what to do if you want to solve a fight with your friend or what to do if you tried talking but still your friend is not willing to solve it!

Similarly, if we talk about confidence, empathy, self-control, etc no one is born charismatic. This comes from learning to be happy with yourself and realizing that "I am enough"

So, what to do?

We taught our children ABC, addition, multiplication and even those complex algebra stuff! similarly, we can teach these real-life soft skills as well!

Some tips:

  • • Instead of don’t shout, don’t run. Start saying speak softly, stand tall.
  • • Children learn from observation, they love copying so you want them to be caring, express your care.
  • • We can expose our children to learn empathy.
  • • You can also include short meditation (1-5 minutes) to keep calm.

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Komal Gyanchandani

Lead Psychologist, Little Leap (Holistic Minds Pvt. Ltd.)
Founder Pehel a Beginning
Masters Psychology (BHU)
MBCPA No: LM/2017160