Personality Development Classes

Soft Skills That Make Smart Leaders

Little Leap’s soft skills training programs enable students to consistently outperform their peers in social and emotional maturity, communication skills and cognitive ability.

after school programs
communication skills for students

Little Leap 5th graders perform better than 7th graders

*As per evaluation conducted by 3rd party education specialists on standardized international formats
Soft Skills Training for children

Learn through active experiential involvement

Little Leap pedagogy created by child psychologists through extensive research empowers children to think, interact and feel comfortable to enthusiastically participate
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personality development and soft skills

Social and
Emotional Quotient

Effortless confidence and comfort, social warmth, compassion and adaptability through Personality Development Classes.
personality development training

Language and
Communication Aptitude

Strong and positive communication skills for students with a flair for confident expression through spoken english classes and communication skills training programs.
soft skills training

Creative and
Critical Thinking

Curiosity, logical reasoning, problem solving and reflective thought process through after school programs and weekend programs for holistic development of a child.

Foundations Program

For 1st - 5th standard

Build a strong base of soft skills and life
skills for primary school children

Middle Years Program

For 6th - 10th standard

Gain confidence in soft skills to get
an edge over your peers

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holistic development of a child
Little Leap students stay ahead of their class by 2 years
soft skills training
9 out of 10 Little Leap students show an improvement in soft skills quotient
personality development and soft skills
personality development training
3 out of 4 Little Leap students bag honours and awards in debates and popular communication competitions
Personality Development Classes
Student show 2X increase in emotional quotient, spoken english and logical reasoning within 6 months at Little Leap

How are we Different?

Communication skills training


Curriculum designed by expert child psychologists, teachers and child counselors
after school programs

Active Learning

Students learn better because they learn through interaction and participation
communication skills for students


Unique learning plan for every student through AI based customization
english classes for kids

Live and Interactive

Expert trainer always present to ensure better learning
holistic development of a child

Small Batch Size

Expert in-person facilitation with 5x more attention than school
soft skills program

Playful Engagement

Fun class environment, students love to come to class instead of avoiding it
Communication skills training